Young Malaysians a responsible lot?

It is reported that young people accounted for half of all new sexually transmitted infection (STI) last year, despite making just one-eighth of the British population. Of the 380,000 newly diagnosed STIs in clinics, almost 200,000 are related to people aged 16 – 24. The British Health Protection Agency said the overall total was six percent higher than the level for year 2006. Of this, new cases of genital herpes rose 20 percent while there was a seven percent increase in genital warts and chlamydia. The HPA views a ‘casual shag’ as merely a method of contracting new infections. Professor Peter Borriello, director of the HPA’s centre for infections says ‘Shag now stands for syphilis, herpes, anal warts and gonorrhoea’.

According to HPA young people accounted for 65 percent of chlamydia cases, 55 percent of genital warts and 50 percent of gonorrhoea infections dealt with by the sexual health clinics last year in Britain.

Does the Malaysian government compile such figures? Does it keep tab of such social infections amongst our young? Those who know more about these things, do we have sexual health clinics in Malaysia? Young people it is your responsibility, do take care. Don’t injure your loved ones and spoil your futures.

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3 thoughts on “Young Malaysians a responsible lot?

  1. drunkdreamer8 says:

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    C. Apana

  2. Dr Hsu says:

    Because of the stigma of STD, most doctors do not report such cases to the Health authority because they would not wan to embarrass their patients. Many do not do it because whatever a patient tells to a doctor is supposed to be confidential… Even though the law allows the doctor to report on these.

    SO it woyuld be diificult to compile statistics on such cases. At best, they can only do it at the public hospitals and clinics, and those figures normally do not reflect accurately the prevalence of such cases.

    One of the exception is HIV. MOst doctors would report this to the authority so that the health authority could do contact tracing and trace all those who have sexual contact with the index case, in order to give conselling and reduce the chance of spread of this dealy disease.

  3. novice101 says:

    Thanks Doc., for your input. The law must be different in the UK. They may have make it compulsory for all doctors and clinics to report all STD cases. In Malaysia’s case you may never get the actual picture, then.

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