It’s a spam, it’s a shame!

It is a crying shame that corporations are now facing the disturbing fact that only one in twenty eight e-mails is legitimate (this accounts for more than ninety-six percent of e-mails). Researchers at IT security company Sophos say what is even more troubling is that hackers are now using social networking sites and mobile phones to spread junk mails.

Hackers involved in the game should please pause and consider how their actions are impacting others and also how the actions will impact the economy. I am sure they themselves would rather not receive and read junks mails, so it would help if they could spare others the same inconvenience. Computers and e-mails are supposed to make communication easier and faster, it is supposed to help us enjoy life more, please help us keep it his way.

Much time and money are required for those working in corporations to clear the spams. These time and money should rightly be used to work on matters related to their work. The financial costs taken to clear the spams can be substantial, this is unproductive cost. This money lost could surely be put into better use.

Hackers, to me are intelligent people and they are definitely IT savvy. They could use these admirable quality and skill to help us all in building a better quality life.  Society could definitely use this help.

Come visit this site again. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “It’s a spam, it’s a shame!

  1. romerz says:

    There will always be those who can make money from sending out spams, unfortunately.

    Some of the very corporations who suffer the spam ailment are just as guilty for paying them.

  2. novice101 says:

    Takes all sorts to make up this world. There will always be those who make money out of others’ miseries.

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