Young children may often act like little dev*ls but they are basically born good. US researchers found that the under-twelves have an in-built tendency to care. When youngsters were shown cartoon characters deliberately being hurt, the areas of their brains showed increased activity – indicating they ‘felt the victim’s pain’. The researchers conclude that the findings, which suggest feelings of empathy are ‘hard-wired’ into brains by birth, and this could help to unravel the causes of bullying.

So, science now confirms men are born good, that is nice to know. Hadn’t the Buddha who told us so 2500 years ago? Children may act like dev*ls but they do so because they know no better, they have not learn what is right or wrong, what is proper and improper. We should not fault them for such normal childish behavior. That is why parenting is important. That is why teaching the children the basic human values is important.


Researches at Brunel University suggest the joy of being a parent lasts just two years and the euphoria of getting married is similarly short-lived.  They say people quickly adjust to marriage and children. They do not experience long-term positive reactions to such major life changes.

This study was not one of those ‘flash-in-the-pan’ thing, it was a study of happiness done over a 25-years period. Ladies, you need not be too concern or upset over this. We, men are still responsible creatures even though we may have got over the euphoria that soon. We still will carry out the duties and obligations of a spouse and a parent to the T. For those ladies who are still unmarried, trust that things will work out fine. The generations of your sisters before you have proven men to be so!

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