Some are ‘sitting on billions’, others are ‘sitting on their backsides, spending on something they don’t have’

A union in Britain claims that British city councils are sitting on billions of pounds, if that is true it shows how efficient these councils are. Not too far back, many Malaysian city councils are said to be on the verge of bankruptcy and that they are owing billions of ringgits to the Federal government.  The Malaysian city councils are doing basically the same jobs as their British counterparts, aren’t they?  They collect revenues from the population and in turn provide public facilities and services, why, then, can the British councils be in the black and our councils are in the red. Is it that the Malaysian city councillors and administrators have been so influenced by the Chinese that they have to keep everything in red.

Our Malaysian councillors should focus on learning how to run a sound financial administration when they are on their ‘annual foreign study tours’.  Visiting the pig-rearing farms and learning on beautification projects may be  more fun and exciting but if you have no money in the till, you cannot do much on what you may have picked up, can you? Keeping on borrowing from the Federal government is not the answer!

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5 thoughts on “Some are ‘sitting on billions’, others are ‘sitting on their backsides, spending on something they don’t have’

  1. romerz says:

    Like every other government related institution in this country, city councils have been hijacked to spend their revenues to enhance the image of politicians trying to impress the rakyat that they care. Also the appointees in the councils are not there for their abilities but rather as a ‘reward’ for political services rendered.

    Even the PR governed states are succumbing to this. Only difference is the token appointments of ‘independent’ councilors. Note the operative word TOKEN.

  2. novice101 says:

    Hey, romerz, good to hear from you again. Do you have a blog of your own, I would like to put your blog on my blog-roll.

    Correct in Malaysia they use it for “political patronage’. What is worse, is there is no accountability.

  3. Justin Choo says:


    Just click on the name “romerz” to go to his blog.

  4. novice101 says:

    Thanks Justin for the tip. Things sure are ‘hotting up’ in Malaysia right now.

  5. romerz says:

    Hi novice101,

    Sure go ahead, I would be honored. I’ll do the same for your blog.

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