Good news for cancer patients!!!

Macmillan Cancer Support, a British charity, conducted a new research and came out with the finding that the number of cancer survivors in Britain has hit two million. This, it seems, is a big increase on previous estimates. Until now health charities have been quoting findings from the early 1990s that showed that Britain has I.2million people living with or after cancer. Macmillan Cancer Support also warns that health trusts’ failure to provide emotional and practical support for patients was creating a “ticking time-bomb’. It further states that it must be recognised that care and supoort cannot stop when initial medical treatment ends.

This piece of good news would lift the spirits of cancer patients everywhere, it would provide much encouragement to them. At the same time, the report also tells care-givers not to cut down on the quality and quantity of care and support once the medical treatment ends. This bit of advice suggests that family members (the primary care-givers) should continue to give the very necessary support to the cancer patients in their families. Hope those from the financially-strapped families will find the best way to provide such care and support.  Money is, of course, important but emotional support is equally important.

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