Alternative employment in time of recession, what are Malaysians’ options?

The British politicians feel that Britain is edging towards recession and many British employees are worried. They are looking into alternative employment that can help them withstand the economic shocks. According to the British Trade Skills Centres – BTSC ( a training group), as many as one thousand a week people are ringing a helpline for prospective plumbers. BTSC’s managing director Allen Jackson said that no matter how much technology affects other industries, society will always need plumbers and that Britain does not have enough of them.

What alternative employment choices do Malaysians have if recession were to descend on us? Are there trades that can tide us over the hard times? Looking at the past, when jobs were hard to come by, many people took up hawking. But with the prices of things moving up so much, and many of us cutting down on eating outside the home, is this a feasible alternative this time around? Hope those of you who read this blog will post your suggestions here so that options can be made available to other Malaysians if they choose to change trade for a more secure future. Your contributions may prevent heartaches for others.

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