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Like everything in this world, some of you may find the article below useful and some may not subscribe to the points put forth. For those who, for one reason or another, do not like the content, just give it a pass. For those who find the steps of some use, internalize them and be on your way to your own spiritual growth. All the best to one and all.

Discovering Myself
–Posted by soulvibha on Jul 10, 2008

This is my true experience of discovering myself. My spiritual evolution has occuredme major seemingly horrible events in my life. But with each passing event, my faith in God became stronger. There was more clarity about self and learnings for self improvement.

It was during one such episode that I learnt to forgive and that helped me to heal. Though the fight for justice is still on but by forgiving I cleared my energy. The logic is that if i do not fight for justice, this person will feel encouraged and keep on harassing many more. And so has happened in this case.
I want to share with all of you how my spiritual growth took place. It has been very simple – no rituals, no offerings, just self conduct and self awareness.
Not escaping and facing the situations head on
Sharing spiritual experiences on a daily basis with a very close friend…my spiritual guru.
Writing notes of my experiences, may be smiply scribbling at times
Exressing gratitude to many folks for their acts of kindness in my life
Thanking God for all the things in my life
Praying, not to demand for material things but to ask him to give me opportunity to do good
Reading some good book s, highlighting some parts in the books and applying those in daily life
Browsing useful websites, and taking prints of good material and pasting in the most common places, even the loo !!!
Drawing automatically like minded people in my life and weeding out naturally the negative influences
Practicing first and then suggesting others
Reaching out by listening and financial help
Understanding difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and shopping accordingly
Observing, feeling by slowing down and by being mindful
Enjoying the present, becoming more of ‘here and now’ person
Laughing aloud and smiling often
Loving and respecting myself all the more
Respecting others but not letting them exploit or demean me
These are my 16 lessons in nine years. Believe me I am sharing purely from my experience and it works. I am still evolving and in the process, have gained from postings on this forum. And I am thankful to you all for the same.
Let me close this message by thanking God that in this process I could meet my twinsoul and my spiritual journey got a boost. Big thanks TSM!! Its like a miracle and because of my twinsoul not only I have more reasons to smile but I am also spreading smiles through my creation, my baby………..our non profit  organization Muskaan.
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