Giving, it is true but is it done with thoughtfulness.

The lady in the story gave away a gift but she did it with real thoughtfulness. Many a time, we are careless when doing charitable acts, we carry out the acts thoughtlessly. I spend some time each week in a non-profit organization doing recycling work. What can be seen is many new, unopened and unused articles and items are just being dumped along with the used and soiled articles and items and carted to the centre for disposal.

Spending time there and witnessing such acts reveal to us that many Malaysians have grown affluent. Things are bought based on desires rather than on needs. This triggers a tinge of guilt in myself as I had done the same thing in the past. There is a lesson for us in the story, let us read it and remind ourselves to cut down on wastage.

A Midwife, the Sea, and Sharing

–posted by JackieHall on Jul 9, 2008

I have been trying to think of ways that I can give without having to spend money, as I’ve been finding it quite hard to do. I was cleaning out my 18-month-old son’s bedroom when I found the packaging to his sea-life-themed bedroom set, which cost about $250 and included stacks of things to create a full bedroom theme. I loved it and really enjoyed putting my baby in a room with these surroundings. I justified the price at the time by keeping the packaging and vowing to sell the stuff when I was finished. However, i decided that instead of selling it, I would wrap it up with a gift bag and a card and take it up to the hospital and let the maternity nurse decide who needed it the most and who may not be able to afford something similar. The midwife was really touched by the gesture and secretly indicated a young girl who had been in the hospital for 3 weeks waiting for the arrival of her newborn baby. The midwife said that this gift would really cheer the young girl up and that she would absolutely love it. I left before the gift was given – purposely, but boy did I have a smile on my face, and so did the midwife too. So far, I would say that this was the most rewarding act of kindness I have done, and I am grateful that I found this website that inspires me to keep finding new ways to inspire and help others to change the world one kind act at a time. Thank you all so much for your inspirational stories and support.

Come visit again. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Giving, it is true but is it done with thoughtfulness.

  1. sansan says:

    love the story. also like the idea of recycling and making the living environment better.

    was quite happy and surprise that you and mum doing the green world project by recycling too. am still happy about it. wrote a post in chinese in my blog before. if you all can do it, there are no excuses for younger generations not to do it.

  2. novice101 says:

    Hey, hey, don’t make us out to be so old!

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