Who is helping our senior citizens on this?

It is reported that older people are three times more likely to have depression than dementia. Revealing isn’t it, here in Malaysia we hardly heard of older people afflicted with depression.  This may be an area worth our concern and focus, both as family members and as members of our society. The royal colleges (UK) representing GPs, Psychiatrists, and nurses feel more attention has been paid to treating older people with dementia than those afflicted with depression. They are calling for more help for the ‘depressed’ senior citizens. Hope the Malaysian government is aware of this and is giving some focus to tackle the issue. So far, we have not heard anything on this affliction from the Health Ministry. Come to think of it, nothing has also come from the Malaysian Medical Association.

Which comes first, depression or dementia?  Could prolonged depression bring on dementia?

Come visit again. Thank you.

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One thought on “Who is helping our senior citizens on this?

  1. brewski01 says:

    For more on Barack Obama and senior citizens issues, go to http://www.grandparentsforobama.org and click on ‘Issues’.

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