Political suicide or as He claims he says it like it is!

Guess who said that fat people, alcoholics and drug addicts should blame themselves for their conditions. That their problems are a result of personal choices and not factors outside their control. He claims society now talks about people being at risk of obesity instead of talking about people who eat too much and take too little exercise. He says this is a symptom of an overly politically correct society in which people are afraid of  ‘appearing judgmental’ on social issues. He further asserts society fails to say what needs to be said. Bad, good, right, wrong.

Tough talk, isn’t it?  Who do you think uttered these words? If they came from the mouth of a politician, it would be suicidal, won’t you say? Have you made your three guesses? Here is the answer – these words came from none other than the Conservative leader in UK!  Mr. David Cameron certainly is a brave man. Stay tune for his political future.

This man may have something – we are see more and more of the politically-correct politicians who mouths sweet nothings to win popularity. Sad but true!

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