Malaysian Politics – Not to give up on

After all that had been dished out for us by the Malaysian politicians, it needs no great effort for us if we wish to give up on it.

I am, somewhat, put off by all this and my mind just refuses to take anymore of this rubbish ! That’s is why no comment will be made on their idiotic words and actions, from now on. The mind refuses to be polluted by it.  What more, it refuses to be insulted.

But this doesn’t mean, I’m giving up my desire for change in this area. When occasions and opportunities arise for me to put forth my `two-cents’ worth (on a personal basis), I’ll not let them go. But I simply refuse, from now on, to give space and time to the `worst’ of Malaysian politics. There are better things to do than `honoring’ these idiots by commenting on their foolhardiness.

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