How would Malaysian TV viewers react?

If the Malaysian TV were to show an advert showing two men sharing a kiss, how do you think the viewing public would react? This actually happened in the UK, Heinz ran an advert featuring this scene.

Do you think it would go down well in Malaysia?  It didn’t go down too well in the UK, too.  After running it for under a week, Heinz had to pull it off the air-waves because of complaints by the public to the Advertising Standards Authority. The nature of the complaint was that it was “offensive” and “inappropriate to see two men kissing”.

No companies in Malaysia would approve of such theme to be carried in their adverts in the first place, left alone run the advert, don’t you agree?  A liberal country like the UK didn’t approve of the advert, for a conservative nation like ours, it is definitely a no-no!

Would you allow your children to watch the advert?

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