What is a book supposed to do ?

I have come across an interesting book which I feel I should share with you. The author is a lama but he does not preach or sermonise to the readers. His style is very down to earth and the things he imparts are equally  down-to-earth and practical. Sincerely hope some of you read it and can reap benefits from it.

Some of the ‘gems’ from the book :-

* “When searching for spiritual values, many people look for something very fresh and new, and think that Buddhism, which has been around for about 2500 years, is too old.  But that is not true! Buddhism is the freshest thing you’ll ever come across, because our mind is constantly fresh, and the Buddha is talking about nothing other than our state of mind!”

* “…. because our body is ours, our speech is ours, and our mind is ours – and our time is ours. All we need to do is learn how to use these properly in order to change our habits and improve ourselves.”

* “Buddhism tells us about our potential. This potential does not belong only to the Buddhists or only to Christians, it belongs to each and every human being with no distinction of faith, race or culture. We have to learn how to search for it, not ‘out there’ but right within ourselves. We don’t need to go to any other person or believe in any other thing, the only important step is to believe in ourselves, in the potential we have with ourselves.

Has it pricked your interest, want to know the writer and the book?

The book is titled “The Living Dharma” and the author is Venerable Lama Yeshe Losal.  Happy reading.

Come visit again, thank you.

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