Never Too Late

When I started to write on others’ blogs, HJ Angus has commented I should start my own blog.  I was quite interested but never come around to doing it till today. I am presently visiting one of my daughters in Bristol, England. She is the one who gave me the final push.

So, here is my launch!  I hope I have the affinity to interact with many of my fellow bloggers.

Come visit again, thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Never Too Late

  1. HJ Angus says:

    congratulations on taking the first step!

    Now just try and write something each day for about a month and I am sure it will become much easier.

  2. novice101 says:

    Thank you HJ Angus for always giving me encouragement and pertinent advices. Appreciate it. Hope you will continue doing this as I have alot to learn from you.

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